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Our values

You may not see them every day. But there are too many children in Malaysia who still live in poverty; are at risk of violence and exploitation; are embroiled in the justice system; live with disabilities; are indigenous children at risk or have no valid documentation and are stateless. The lack of opportunities prevents them from having access to services vital for achieving their full potential. These are the children who need our help. 

Laws and policy alone will not be enough if our culture and mindsets do not change. And it starts with each of us. If we want a brighter future for Malaysia tomorrow, we need to weed out harmful practices to children and we need to promote positive attitude and behaviors. 

Only when we invest in our children and strengthen our institutions to operate with a child-friendly lens will we see concrete advancement taking shape in our country’s development. This is what we believe in and it has worked successfully for the last 15 years. 

We are providing essential care to the most vulnerable children in Malaysia, from diverse backgrounds, ages and ethnicities. We are contributing to a culture of peace, tolerance, and respect for diversity in a country where every child counts! 

Our Mission

We are focussed on providing a family environment that enables our children to access equal opportunities to thrive and become active change makers in our society

Our Mission

Our Vision

We believe every child can, and should, have the right to live in a safe and loving home, in order to build confidence, develop trust in adults, and therefore reach his or her full potential.

We want to nurture values that prioritise children to ensure that the most vulnerable Malaysian kids have the best start to life.


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