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We have provided our children with a home and created a family. Living in four houses to comply with government regulations, children take meals together and proudly participate in the family's life and domestic tasks. They play together with different kinds of activities by age group, experiencing the value of sharing and caring for each other, and embracing diversity and equal rights for all.

Children's Race


Our children come from environments where they have experienced parents who are too poor to take care of them, subject them to abuse, or suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. We rescue children who suffered from acute malnutrition, childhood trauma without emotional protection, or appropriate healthcare.

Children's Storybooks


When arriving at Lighthouse most of our children have had no access to schooling or any form of education. Our volunteer teachers and tutors supplement their schooling to ensure that children's cognitive, emotional, intellectual and social development equips them to be independent adults. Our scholarship scheme enables some children to pursue higher education and careers.



We strive to help children access opportunities for vocational and livelihood support activities to help them to become self-sufficient and enjoy their future independence and have their own life and family as adults. Some of our children have been offered  training opportunities by organisations and businesses that have launched many successful careers. Many of those leaving Lighthouse act as role models for the younger children.



Our children at Lighthouse develop trust again with adults and therefore cultivate the hope and confidence to function normally in society. They develop attachments with their primary caregivers and learn to love, trust and depend on other human beings. Their greater self-awareness through family life leads to empathy with others and a mature set of values and self-direction.



 Children who have left and made successful careers have always come back to mentor and inspire their siblings. Since 2020, however, we have started a more measured mentoring scheme where children in and age group of 15 upwards can have regular sessions with adults to help them review and plan life goals and vocations, with support to find appropriate training courses.



Sports are an essential part of childhood development. Our children have opportunities and are regularly regularly encouraged to play, support and access sports facilities from others. This builds their confidence and friendships in the community.

We welcome sponsorship support for our football and tennis activities!



Lighthouse children take part in community activities and in turn the community takes part in Lighthouse activities, building friendships, community cohesion, and positive behaviours.

We are always looking for new and exciting community contributions that our children can make!

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