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Success stories

Many children have now successfully left Lighthouse to pursue higher education and are now independent grown-ups with their careers and lives.

Here are some of their success stories! 

(To protect their identities their details have been changed)

Our childrens' successes
Young Artist


Miss A who came to Lighthouse at the age of 7 and left at the age of 21 is now studying special needs education at College level.

She is also teaching at a local school.

Young Doctor


Dr B who grew up in Lighthouse studied and qualified as a Doctor.

He is now a Medical Director at a hospital in Malaysia.

Young Student


Mr C came to Lighthouse at the age of 10 and left at the age of 19. He became an engineer and is now working with an electronics company in Penang. He has become the breadwinner of his family (comprising of his brothers and disabled father).



Miss D grew up at Lighthouse and has now left. she is supporting herself and successfully pursuing a Degree at HELP University in Business Management and has received a 50% scholarship.

Image by Pradeep Ranjan


Miss E, whose siblings are still at Lighthouse, has left to pursue a Degree in Teaching at the University of Selangor in Malaysia.

Image by Eric Joseph


Mr F one of our oldest children, has got married.


He is now living and working in Australia.

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